git crash course

A really short introduction to git for my PhD fellas.

First, TryGit

Clone something

There are two ways to start to work in a git repository.

  • git clone to download a project into a new directory some_repo.
  • git init to make the current directory …

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Media and arts projects - part 2

The tapeless cassettes

In a previous post I wrote about my assignments for the sound recording module I took as part of my PhD. Here, I will present the projects of the Interactive Digital Multimedia Techniques module.

The tapeless cassettes

In the first major project of the module we were required to find …

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Media and arts projects - part 1

Sunset Riders - Bury me with my money

I recently shared some of my first experiences as a PhD student in the Media and Arts Technology program, Queen Mary University of London. Now, when the first term is over and the second one is about to begin, it is a good time to show the projects I have …

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Phoenix, templates, and active navbar items

We build a web-app, and want the items on the navigation bar to be active when the user visits the corresponding page, like this:

An animated example of active navigation bar items.

I'm not saying that this is a complicated task in other frameworks, but it often feels "hacky". Here is a phoenix solution that feels pretty elegant …

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An Even Better Pip Worflow™

The 9th major version of pip, the recommended tool for installing python packages, was released two days ago. I took a short look on the changelog to see what's new. At first, I couldn't notice anything that will change my current workflows. Usually, the important changes are listed first, but …

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My first assignment as a PhD student

So, what do you see here? Actually, nothing special. Yes, it is my first assignment as a PhD student in the Media and Arts Technology programme at Queen Mary University of London. And yes, it is a simple arduino exercise. So why does it deserve a blog post?

The thing …

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docker-compose in production - part 2

Few months ago I shared my experiences with docker-compose in production. Recently I faced another deployment and decided to use the same technique. This time I used it somewhat differently. In this blog post I would like to share the new experiences.

I started by following the process that went …

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Migrating to python3

I was recently asked, by my boss, about the possible benefits of migrating our code base at work from python 2.6 to python 3. Instead of sending an email back to my boss with my answer, I decided that it worth a blog post. Why? because the internet is …

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Continuous integration and delivery with travis-ci and codeship

Travis vs. Codeship

Generally speaking, continuous integration (CI) is the process of running your test suite automatically when you push code to your repo. Continuous delivery / deployment (CD) is the process of deploying the new code to your server whenever you push to specific branches in your repo. There is enough information about …

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Open your eyes

My band, Malinka, released a new video. It's the first release from our live session at Mooki's Raphsoda, so expect more to come... Meanwhile, you can come and here us live:

  • This Monday (16.5) in Hudna bar, Tel-Aviv.
  • Next month (14.6) in Freddi Lemon bar, Jerusalem.

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